Wednesday, June 10, 2009

how to ... dress up for the belmont stakes

Guess how I spent my Saturday afternoon?

We went to the Belmont Stakes! My friend Zoe has been going to Belmont for the horseraces since she was young, and invited us to share this very cool experience with her. She had lots of sage advise for us along the way, and we learned a few of our own too. For instance:
  1. Wear shoes that you can stand in. Not shoes that you are "okay in" but ones you can stand for hours in comfortably and without grimacing once.
  2. The first and most important race is the race to the train. Once "Belmont" appeared on the LIRR sign, all madness broke loose in Penn Station. But since we were prepared, I was literally the first horsie by the train door. This won us much coveted seats for the train ride to Belmont. This is another reason why comfy flat shoes are recommended. Imagine running to the train in heels AND ending up having to stand the whole way? Horrors.
  3. It's a good idea to come to the paddock and see the horses firsthand before you place a bet (or so you can adjust your bets, if you don't like what you see).
  4. Bring snacks, drinks and ice to enjoy yourself and save a buck (who wants to buy grilled sausages for $7?!?). If you're trying to sneak in alchie, best to have it in one of those plastic drinking bottles because they do confiscate alcohol at the door if it's conspicuous.
  5. Pomegranate juice and blueberry vodka make a killer combo.
  6. Do not place all your bets for a horse "to win." That's probably an obvious one but I was the clueless rookie who did this. Of course, we did take home a nice bunch of money when we won with our first bet, but thereafter it was not the best strategy.
  7. Rompers are not advisable attire. The bathroom floors can get icky, and having to disrobe from your romper would be a nightmare!
  8. Do wear a hat, if you suffer from style-envy like I do. I was dressed decently enough in a black tube dress, pink cardie and black flats, but I was ever so envious of the young fillies strutting around in brightly colored dresses with matching hats.
I was disappointed that I hadn't gotten decked out and was trying to plan my outfit for next year the whole time! What I wish I'd worn to the Belmont Stakes: either a very chichi white outfit, an edgy flowered dress, or very summery hues. There's always next year!

Thakoon dress at Shopbop (on sale for $1,372), Urban Outfitters straw feather cloche ($28), Matiko sandals, Anthropologie earrings ($28), Tory Burch bag at Bloomingdale's (on sale for $367.50)

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Anonymous said...

I love the white dress outfit you put together! oxox ZVW

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