Monday, June 15, 2009

on target

I couldn't take it, I ordered a bunch of stuff from Target. Gotta rein myself in though because, well, I don't have a doorman anymore so I have to send stuff to my office instead and I don't want everyone at work to be privy to my shopping habits (says the girl with a blog! I dazzle myself with my own brilliance). Anyway, I figure the "I just moved into a new apartment and need to buy stuff for it" excuse can only last so long so I might as well utilize it. What I bought from Target:

I snuck an adorable little flowered bubble dress from the Tracy Feith for Target line into my "home" order. So excited to see this! Some reviewers commented that the dress is way too short, but that means it's perfect for a little munchkin like me! Only $39.99. There is a very tempting white dress too but as it is, there'll be hell to pay when the Visa and Mastercard bills come (plus that *gulp* loan I'm now paying for) so, Celine, hold 'yer horses.

My other purchase was a couple of throw pillows from the DwellStudio for Target collaboration. I've been loving these pillows for a long time. They're only $24.99 each, which is a nice price when compared to the $100-pillows DwellStudio actually sells.

When Target gets its designer collaborations right, you can really get some of the best deals ever!


Sonu said...

ooh, that target dress is so you!! We'll need an OOTD pic when you get it!

The Chiconomist Celine said...

will do!

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