Thursday, September 17, 2009

today i'm loving: cableknits

Not allowed to shop. Not at all. So all I can do is gush over these things that I want from Victoria's Secret but the shopping trigger finger cannot budge an inch. I am DYING for the cableknit sweater blazer on the left. Seems so perfect for lazy Saturdays. It's easy but not sloppy. And only $58! But I cannot even think about it. *sigh*

Also adore the sweaterdress on the right with that sexy sweetheart neckline. But I can talk myself out of that one. See, I'm not tall enough for it. The dress looks amazing on that 8-foot-tall glamazon there but on me, oh lord, that hem would land on the most unflattering area possible on my leg. Because I'm not an 8-foot-tall glamazon. *sigh*

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