Sunday, September 13, 2009

sunday on the polo field

Had an amazing time today watching the last polo match of the season in Greenwich. It was a beautiful day with startlingly clear blue skies, brilliant sunshine, and cool breezes sweeping through the grounds. I was really PO'd with myself though because of my epic outfit fail. Nothing about the gray New York morning or the past two days of rain prepared me for this stunningly gorgeous day so I was wearing jeans and sandals. And I missed the chance to wear my straw fedora! I repeat, EPIC FAIL.

That's not me throwing an outfit tantrum. I'm just stomping on the divots. How I wish I was rocking it like my favorite Angel, Miranda, below. With a few choice accessories ...

Dress by Victoria's Secret ($99), Spillane straw fedora at Urban Outfitters ($28), Sunglasses by Juicy Couture at Bloomingdale's ($145), Earrings by Anthropologie ($48), Frye Women's Harness boots at Endless ($277.95)

Oh well, first time isn't always a charm for me fashion-wise it seems. I'll make up for it next year, because we had such an amazing time that we will definitely come back for at least seconds. Polo is so much fun to watch. The gorgeous horses running with such power and agility is truly a sight to see (the polo players aint shabby either—hello Nick Roldan and Nacho Figueras!). All that plus free beer and delicious herb-flavored water courtesy of the Range Rover tent ... what more could one want from a Sunday afternooon??

Happy Sunday y'all!

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