Sunday, September 06, 2009

pio pio

I love having a foolproof deee-licious meal right in my hood. After a leisurely afternoon throwing frisbees and enjoying a picnic in Central Park, I took Johan and Lucie to our neighboorhood Peruvian chicken joint, Pio Pio. There are seven Pio Pios around New York, from Queens to the Bronx. We're lucky enough to have one that's just a stone's throw away. The $26 Peruvian Combo has everything one would want in a meal: a juicy and lipsmackingly delicious rotisserie chicken, a fresh avocado and tomato salad, and some good old fries. I've been here for lunch, and they have a pretty awesome lunch special where you can have a quarter chicken, salad and a side (choice of fries, rice and beans, tostones, maduros or fried yucca) plus a soda for $9.50.

My one qualm with Pio Pio is that their service runs hot and cold. One one hand, it took us awhile to get their servers' attention that we needed a table, were ready to order, and were ready to leave. On the other hand, when Johan accidentally spilled his sangria onto the salad, our waiter immediately gave us a fresh salad without our having to ask. I would frequent this place waaay more if service was more consistent. But yeah, I love ya anyway.

Hope you had a great Sunday! How I love the fact that tomorrow, when I wake up, it's still the weekend ...

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