Tuesday, September 29, 2009

hp mini 110 by studio tord boontje

It's a little harder to blog these days, when all I can seem to think about are the victims of the flood back home. It seems inappropriate to talk about spectacular meals and shopping desires when there are people back home who have literally lost everything ... but the blog can't just freeze, so I guess for now I'll talk about things that I find both beautiful and relevant.

I've been thinking of getting a small laptop since I am hoping to go back to school next year. I'm planning on doing graduate school in the evenings while continuing to work full time during the day, so it would make writing papers and keeping up with schoolwork much easier if I have a laptop that I can carry around in my bag. My top candidate right now is the new HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje:

I love Tord Boontje's work, and I've been lusting after this garland shade that he designed for over a year now. Maybe the HP Mini is a more useful investment.

What I like about this product is its environment-friendly slant. The packaging and user guides are made 100% from recycled materials and printed with soy-based ink. The intricate design of the cover shows endangered animals like the polar bear, blue whale and red squirrel, raising awareness about their plight. I have to say that I wish HP would go a step further and donate a portion of profits to a wildlife conservation fund. The environment-friendly angle that they currently have, while still commendable, seems a bit half-baked.

The product does not seem to be available yet, but I saw it on the window of Lord & Taylor two weeks ago because they're doing some promotional thing with HP. It is really lovely in person. And check out how small it is! Just use the sunglasses as a point of reference.

It weighs just 2.68 pounds, and is just a little over an inch thick. The screen measures 10.1 inches and the keyboard is at 92% of the standard size, which is fine by me and my 11-year-old sized hands. HP boasts that this mini uses 3D PC surface technology (a first), which is why the layers of design appear to float on the cover. So pretty. The best part, I feel, is that this version has a pretty good price at $399 (compared to the Vivienne Tam version that I am still lusting over, which was priced at $699). Maybe I'll finally get a Tord Boontje piece one of these days ...


Désirée said...

Wow, i so love this Tord mini too! this movie on it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwFsST99Euo&feature=related) even makes me dribble.. especially the accessories as well ;). Btw, Vivienne also came up with a new 'e-clutch', check http://www.pclaunches.com/notebooks/hp_vivienne_tam_digital_clutch_pictured.php

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Desiree - thanks for the comment! I couldn't see the link though, did you mean the new Vivienne Tam with the butterfly or the red one with flowers? The red one is still my ultimate fave, but this Tord will have to do :-)

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