Tuesday, June 30, 2009

tord boontje

I posted about this last year but I'm still madly in love with this Tord Boontje garland shade light from the Moma Store. Now that I have a new apartment with high, high ceilings, I'm seriously thinking of getting the silver garland for the bedroom. It would be so gorgeous ... it would set me back $95 but that's a small price to pay for a piece of art, don't you think?


Has it already really been a month since my last vacation? Sigh. What I would give to be back in the Red Hook brewery in Woodinville today, basking in the sunshine while sampling the ultrafresh Sunrye and munching on nachos with my big sister and my beau. Life should really consist of vacations punctuated by the occasional work week ...

nice drawers

I saved these images of lovely drawer liners at Burke Decor last week, and am now thisclose to tearing my hair out because I can't find them on the site! Aren't they so lovely? I'd love to open up my new closet and see that every single day ...

ikea delivery alternative

I remember reading about Ikea Delivery Alternative on Time Out New York awhile back and filed it in my memory for future use. When I realized that nobody I knew was willing to lug an Ikea wardrobe up my walkup, Ludette reminded me of this NY service. Their titanium package was exactly what I needed since I didn't want to take any more days off for apartment issues. For $110, Eric will go to Ikea, do your shopping for you, and deliver at a time and date you specify. (If $110 sounds expensive to you, this is actually exactly how much Ikea charges for 1-week delivery.) Packages start at $80, but the idea of not even having to go to Red Hook was just too tempting for me. And get this: for an extra $30 per hour, Eric can even build the furniture for you! Beat that, Ikea!

It took us awhile to work out the scheduling because things kept changing on my end, but once we eventually found a common date it was all smooth. Eric has become such an expert that last night he sent me an email telling me that the Ramberg wardrobe I wanted is not actually available even if it says there's one piece on the website. The Ramberg series had apparently been discontinued, so what wardrobe did I want instead? Awesome. When he delivered, he was relatively on time and boy was he quick. I was stunned at how fast one man hauled up all those massive boxes that individually weighed more than he did up my one floor walkup.

Definitely worth every buck.

Now, on to other problems:
a) How do I build that wardrobe? (Eric can't do it until July 18. Hint hint Linda ... heehee)
b) What do I put on my Ikea Stockholm coffee table (just $179!)? It's pretty massive and I don't know what to do with it. Right now I have two books, a votive candle holder and a glass of OJ on it. Need design help please!

Monday, June 29, 2009

if blair ever decided to slum it

This is what she'd wear, according to the Anna Sui for Target team:

As reported in New York magazine, the collection is inspired by Gossip Girls. I'm still pondering whether I buy the idea that Anna Sui actually watches GG. Somehow, I doubt it. The looks are named after Blair, Vanessa, Jenny and Serena. Just like the show, I only care for Blair. The Vanessa set comes in icky shades of orange and brown, and oddly combine dresses with puffer vests. EW. The Jenny outfits try to use every style influence known to man in one getup. And the Serena dresses are utterly blah (gotta love how NY magazine described them as not "nearly slutty enough"). As usual, it's all about Blair.

alexander girard love

I really want this pillow with the iconic Alexander Girard love print from Urban Outfitters. Click on over to see what other merch they've gussied up with the late great's popular prints.

the talented mr. ripley

I watched The Talented Mr. Ripley for the first time last night (yay, DVR!). While the story left me profoundly disturbed, I did find myself quite inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's island attire. I particularly loved the breezy femininity and the lovely combination of florals mixed with gingham or chevron stripes.

Wouldn't we all love to go on a permanent vacation in Italy's islands with her character's trust fund and wardrobe? A tanned hunk like Jude Law's character Dickie Greenleaf wouldn't be a bad accessory either.

Budding romance skirt at Anthropologie ($238), Cotton-silk poplin solid perfect shirt at J.Crew ($64), Seaside seersucker ring bandeau top at J.Crew ($29.99), Chatham Roslyn bag at Kate Spade ($296), Camellia Espadrilles at Anthropologie ($368)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

today i'm loving: kelly green

We finally, finally, finally had a weekend with sunshine in NY. I stayed in today, and have spent a lot of time looking out at the lush gardens in the courtyards behind the buildings on our block. It got me in the mood for a bit of kelly green. I need more of this color in my wardrobe. I so love the pop that it brings to black and white.

Well I'm off to bask in a bit of late afternoon sun and sweat it out at Bikram class. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

those darned paul smith stripes

Of all the sneaky, underhanded things to do ... Why, Paul Smith, why? Why would you create a cushy armchair with those awesome stripes and then price it at $2,498? Seriously. I hate you.

Friday, June 26, 2009

etsy love: green eyed girl shop

I've been toying with the idea of going back to making the bib necklaces I once sold in Manila. Even did a trip to the garment district and actually picked up my beading needle last night. We'll see ... In any case, I thought I'd check out Etsy and see what I'm up against these days. I found these very adorable vintage collars at Green Eyed Girl Shop that have been given a new life as necklaces.

How beautiful are they? The collars are vintage, as I said, and the faux pearls are all painstakingly handsewn. The pink flowers were made from fabric salvaged from vintage gloves. The blue flowers are made of vintage ribbon. Not uber cheap at $172 and $212 respectively, but totally worthy of the pricetag for all the work, thought and attention to detail that went into these necklaces.

another gray day

"It's been raining since February," my boss said humorlessly as we stepped into our office this morning. We're all tired of it. It's the end of June, and I've so far spent my summer holding an umbrella over my head. When will it end?

If I could make a color palette inspired by the New York weather, it would be gray dappled with a tiny bit of gold and yellow.

Melissa Odabash bikini at Outnet ($120.44 from $344.10), Citrine by the Stones necklace at Outnet ($87.50 from $175), Steve Madden sandals ($149), Club Monaco cuff

Seriously craving bikini weather ... *sigh*

rest in peace

I've never known a world without Michael Jackson. Still can't quite wrap my head around the thought that he's gone.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

hermione as fashion maven

Has it been really 9 years since Emma Watson took on the role of Hermione? I feel old. But I really love seeing how she's grown up wonderfully. For one, she looks amazing and never dresses like a s*ank. She could live without acting again after Harry Potter (unless the role of a lifetime comes along) and is determined to go to college, period. Totally love this shot of her in Teen Vogue's August 2009 issue. Makes me wanna run out and get a puffy skirt, a field of violets, and something with the Union Jack on it.

UPDATE: Did you know that Emma's also the new face of Burberry. Check it:

So when the wizards graduate from Hogwards they turn into yuppies? Hermione makes magic on Wall Street? Hmm.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

gone to market

One of my favorite cheap thrills is going to the farmer's market. Even if I don't end up buying anything, seeing all the beautiful, vibrant fruit and veggies just makes me smile.

Maybe one day I'll actually get something besides fruit, and cook with all this wonderfully fresh produce!

make a cameo

I've been swooning all morning over the adorable custom cameo creations at Le Papier Studio's Etsy shop. How cute are these?

For a couple that recently got a little addition to the family:

For a Stepford wife-ish type mom to hand out for potential playdates:

I never know what to get for Father's Day but I think I have a pretty good idea for next year:

This one would be great for a housewarming present. Or I would love "his and hers" pillowcases.

Love it!

american psycho

I watched this movie last night, and found myself simultaneously horrified and doubling over with laughter. It's so overdone it's perfect. Don't you think that Patrick Bateman is just the original metrosexual? He wears ice packs when he does crunches, has a penchant for Valentino suits, uses scrubs and exfoliants in the shower, and gets panic attacks over businesscard type and dinner reservations. Love it!

The men are so well dressed in this movie. I'm all about French cuffs and suspenders. The women though were just a hot 80s mess (It is set in the 80s so that's the point, I know). But I mean seriously, check out Reese Witherspoon getting swallowed up in her fur, and Samantha Mathis with those linebacker shoulders. Eeeks.

Chloe Sevigny did good in this scene though. Love that dress. I wanna look that fat-free. I've always thought about how I've never seen Chloe Sevigny in anthing, but I guess I have after all. She looks good.
Ok, moving along with my life ...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I remember when wallpaper was a dreary, schoolmarmy affair. Not anymore. I'm totally loving Marcel Wanders' modern wallpaper. I love the concept for these images, as well, that I stumbled upon on Burke Decor.

And while we're on the topic of Marcel Wanders, I'd like to profess my love for this crochet chair. That's all.

Monday, June 22, 2009

death in the afternoon

So it turns out that the idea of a cocktail combining champagne and absinthe was much better in theory than in reality.

I had been bugging Zoe about going to White Star, Sasha Petraske's "sipping spirits bar" on the Lower East Side, after reading about the Hemingway-inspired cocktail called Death in the Afternoon. I've had fun times with absinthe in Germany and in Prague, so I have a lot of love for the green liquid. And champagne—come on, what girl doesn't love bubbly? It seemed like the perfect drink. Until it wasn't.

Oh dear ... it was not at all the yummiest drink I've ever had. Absinthe without the caramelized sugar was just overpowering to me. I've never liked anise flavor in the first place, so I guess dunking the Green Fairy in my champagne was never going to be pleasant for me. And the resulting hangover was not pleasant. I found myself wishing for death at about 5AM curled up on my bed. Champagne hangovers are not wonderful to begin with but add the little green monster and you'll be crying for mommy.

Not to say I'd never come back to White Star. I would. I'd just steer clear of Death in the Afternoon.

Where: White Star is located at 21 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002 near Hester Street

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