Wednesday, May 06, 2009

bon chon madness

I had been wanting to try proper Ktown bon chon for some time now, and I finally got the chance today. My girl friend Ludette brought me to Mad for Chicken (formerly Bon Chon Chicken), a bar constantly packed with bon chon lovers. I insisted on a large platter with half of the wings done super spicy and the other half soy and garlic. Both versions of the wings were amazing. The skin was fried to a perfect crisp and soaked with flavor, but not greasy. The meat inside was tender and juicy.

I think I might have single-handedly caused a swine flu scare from all the coughing I did after inhaling the spicy wings. Seriously, when Koreans label something spicy, they mean m*therfr*ckin off-with-your-tongue spicy so I came up with a pretty good technique to enjoy the wings at a healthy pace. I alternated between bites of the spicy and regular wings, and my technique worked so well that I lost count of how many wings I'd consumed.

So how does this bon chon match up against the Beko version in St. Mark's? They're almost identical, to be honest, and according to it's because Beko licensed Bon Chon Chicken's recipe. The upside is that they serve up wings so much faster at Mad for Chicken. The downside is that the wait at Mad for Chicken can get really long. If you come early at around 6 like we did, you'll be seated immediately (though if you're craving bon chon that early, it might be best to hit up the Beko happy hour instead).

Ok enough looking at food pictures at 1:30AM. Going to bed to dream my cravings away.

Where: 314 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor (between 31st and 32nd Street)

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joylet said...

Yum yum bon chon! I just discovered this place by Pearl Plaza (in front of CRC) last Friday that has the same concept... except that the price tag is suuuch a turn-off! 300 bucks for 3 pcs. of wings?! ano yun ginto...

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