Friday, May 08, 2009

froyo wars

People have been telling me for awhile now that Red Mango is soooo much better than Pinkberry, but I'd never really been inclined to investigate. Previously, I'd only had Red Mango once and the yogurt was pomegranate flavored so I couldn't really compare. Today though, with the sun out and shining, I couldn't resist getting a cup of froyo when I saw Red Mango right across the street from where I had lunch with my colleagues. With an already extremely full belly, I strode up to the counter and ordered a small original topped with blueberries and mochi. As soon as I took my first bite, I knew the empacho (loosely translates to being so full you feel sick) would be worth it. Red Mango's yogurt is so much more ... substantial, for lack of a better term. The addictively sweet and tangy yogurt is thick and creamy. The soft and fluffy mochi were bigger than what one gets at Pinkberry, and toppings were generously given. I inhaled the entire cup before I got back to the office. And yes, every bite was worth the dizziness I now feel from my gluttony.

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