Wednesday, May 06, 2009

i cheated

I wasn't supposed to shop, but I walked into Forever 21 and saw this top in 10.5 seconds so I just HAD to get it.

It's not SO bad though, I mean it was only $19.80. And I had a free lunch c/o KFC so I could afford the top, I think. I can never resist a white shirt with great details. I love the pleating and the black buttons (even though my Parisian friend Vanessa says black buttons on white always make her think of waiters). I'll probably ditch the black belt though.

On a separate note, I saw this picture on the shorts page of the F21 website and I want that top! But it's bloody impossible to find on the website. Don't you hate it when you see something totally awesome on the model but can't actually buy it? Argh.

Ok I'm exhausted from Bikram and just grumpy so I should get off the net and sleep. Ciao bellas!

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