Sunday, May 24, 2009

piroshky piroshky

We went down to the Pike Place Public Market last Thursday after lunch and realized it was not the best decision. When we got there, there were so many things we wanted to try from the stalls that we wish we hadn't eaten beforehand. We decided to come back on another day when we were hungry so we could try the goodies sold there. One place that had us particularly intrigued was Piroshky Piroshky, a Russian bakery with a ridiculously delicious smell wafting out of its doors and all manners of flaky, delicious-looking pastries tempting us from their shelves and windows.
The Russian piroshky is basically a stuffed pie with a variety of fillings. Typically, Russian piroshky's contain beef and onions or potatoes and mushrooms. In Seattle, they put a local spin on piroshky by making varieties with smoked salmon pate and smoked mozzarella brocolli with mushroom. We came back for piroshkies on a Saturday at around 4pm when we hadn't had a proper lunch. There was a line snaking out of the store with customers patiently waiting for their turn to get a piroshky. It turns out that this bakery is quite an institution in Seattle. It's been visited by Anthony Bourdain, and the storefront is papered with rave reviews. When we finally reached the front of the line, we ordered a smoked salmon pate piroshky; a rosemary chicken, rice and mushroom piroshky; and a spinach, egg and cheese piroshky.
The best one was definitely the smoked salmon pate piroshky. The creamy filling was such a wonderful contrast to the firm bun. The other two piroshkies were freshly baked and thus had quite hot filling still when we bit into them. But both were very good too. The pastries were deliciously flaky, and the savory fillings so flavorful and satisfying. For dessert, we grabbed a cherry and white chocolate piroshky, which was to die for. Overflowing with cherries and delicious without being cloyingly sweet, we devoured the piroshky in under a minute. This is one store I definitely wish we had in New York. I would probably consume at least one piroshky a week if we did!

Where: 1908 Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101


Joni Andrea said...

Omg i was just there a few weeks ago.. Went to visit my cousin who studies in Seattle.. And yes I wanted to try everything in the market... :)

Tanya said...

ooh hope you had a nice time in Seattle! I live downtown so we usually venture to Pike Place on Saturdays to eat and get produce and stuff. I think I was probably there around the same time you were.. Small world.

Piroshky Piroshky has the most irresistable smell! Boyfriend can never pass it by without getting something. I'm more immune to it now, thankfully - these are probably not the most figure friendly.. though so, SO delicious.

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Joni - the market's just irresistible isn't it? Hope you enjoyed your stay!

Tanya - What a small world! I had so much fun in Seattle! Pike Place was wonderful, plus we visited some great wineries and breweries. And the weather was amazing during our whole stay! Hope you enjoyed the wonderful weather the past few days. I'll have to get tips from you for our next visit!

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