Friday, May 29, 2009

fette sau

I was hoping to do my Napa Valley post today but I don't have my pamphlets on me and wanted to do that wonderful place justice, so I'll hold off for a bit. Instead, let me show you the carnage that took place last night at Fette Sau.

Fette Sau in Williamsburg, Brooklyn holds a dear place in our hearts because Mika and I made some really wonderful friends there last year. We came back yesterday, in fact, to celebrate our "one year anniversary" with Zoe and Carl. We happened to share a table a year ago and bonded over chunks of barbequed meat and beer. We've been great friends ever since. It's really a quirk of fate that we even met because Mika and I weren't planning on going to Fette Sau that fateful spring night. We were on our way to Roebling Tea House when we got sidetracked by this wonderful barbeque joint.

We each got about 2 1/2 pounds of meat each on our trays (which comes down to 1.25 pounds per person). Zoe had somehow discovered that yesterday was National Brisket Day so we had to get hefty servings of the tender, juicy beef brisket. It was sooooo delicious. Another winner was the pork belly, which had ridiculously soft and moist chunks of meat hugged by heart-palpitation inducing fat. It was so soft you could cut pieces with a fork. The Angus beef boneless spareribs were a letdown, though. The meat was not as tender as the brisket and a bit dry. Always get your ribs on the bone, I say.

Mika and I made the controversial decision to order habanero chips, which caused us a lot of sadistic pleasure and pain. The chips had a yummy barbequed flavor for about 2 seconds before the habanero heat slammed into our throats and tastebuds in waves for about, oh, 2 minutes. We kept thinking we'd get used to the heat eventually so we kept munching at these fiery chips, but we were wrong. It was painful every time. I might want to try that again.

Those averse to extreme spiciness should consider getting the pickles as sides, which were so fresh, crisp, gorgeously green and tart. Mmm-mmm. Beer fiends will also love this place for their ever changing selection of microbrews. Standouts were the Kelso Fette Sauv, a light lager brewed especially for the restaurant, and a Belgian White beer that was quite lovely.

That Fette Sau delivers is just one more reason for me to consider moving to Brooklyn on the next apartment hunt. That lovely pork belly and a microbrew brought to my doorstep?! Mmm ... Until then though, it's another great reason to visit my favorite borough.

Where: 354 Metropolitan Avenue between Havemeyer and Roebling, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Tel. 718-963-3404

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