Tuesday, May 12, 2009

not always black and white

On my ride back uptown from apartment hunting on the Lower East Side, my iPod was blaring and I was deep in thought, but somehow this guy beside me decided I was really interested in conversing with him. Aside from the supremely annoying question, "Do you have a soulmate?" he also said, "You really like black." Huh? That's got to be the most inane thing to say in New York, where black is practically a uniform.

But dammit, while I decided to completely ignore this strange fellow, his commentary on my color choices did make me think. Maybe I should rethink a new neutral, like this look from Zara:
Or chuck a little bit of color into all the black:Anything so the weirdos will leave me alone on the subway ... and cabs ... and 8th Avenue ...

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