Tuesday, February 23, 2010

designer for less: sonia rykiel for h&m

Jesus, I really do have a one-track mind. When I'm preoccupied with food and ... well, stuff ... I just completely miss out on things. What rock have I been hiding under? I completely missed the fact the the Sonia Rykiel for H&M collection dropped last February 20! This is kinda embarrassing because I walk past an H&M to get to my train station everyday. *facepalm*

I want some of the stripey cuteness!

So glad that the prices are not too steep. I was not a fan of those ridiculously overpriced H&M designer collabs (*cough-Jimmy-Choo-cough*) (*cough-Viktor-&-Rolf-cough*). Of course that might mean there'll be nothing left on the racks when I go tomorrow. If I could just have a pair of those crazy striped tights or socks, I'd be fine really. I don't ask for much. 

Did anyone else manage to hit up H&M? Was it utter madness? Do tell!


cd said...

Cel! Go to the one on Fifth Ave, by St. Patrick's! They still had plenty of dresses yest pm!

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

sweet! thanks for the tip Tin!!!

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