Monday, February 15, 2010

valentine's day dinner at dbgb

I've posted about DBGB before but I think it warrants another post since my dearest friend Nina Vargas took such beautiful pictures during our group Valentine's Day dinner last Saturday. That and the food was amazing!!! We shared one of their specials: a decadent foie gras mousse. I prefer my foie gras seared but for $13, this was not bad at all.

We also ordered that beautiful escargot dish ($14). Cannot get enough of the creamy parsley custard, plump escargots, juicy roasted tomatoes, and crunchy filo pastry. Yum! It just seems to get better every time I have it.

Also part of their specials: a light Hefeweizen from an obscure German brewery for $16. Even the non beer drinkers in our party liked this one since it's so light and devoid of bitterness. It was apparently quite popular with diners because we had to lock down the last two bottles before they completely ran out. At the end of the day, I still preferred the richer Schneider Weisse that I started with.

Some of the girls who were more dainty eaters ordered appetizers as their dinner. Mia had the Tuna Crudo with harissa-sesame sauce, cucumber radish, crispy rice ($11), while Annavi had the Chipolata—a pork sausage link with pommes mousseline and black truffle.

I am a tiny girl but definitely not a dainty eater, so I ordered steak frites. Holy peppercorn, fat-laced, 10-ounce Black Angus ribeye goodness! I asked for my steak to be cooked medium rare (more on the rare side) and it was absolute perfection. Although I must admit, I had a very Pinoy moment of wanting A1 sauce on the side at one point. Hahaha ... I didn't do it, don't worry! That would be like spitting on the Eric Ripert copper pot on display. I did not disrespect Daniel Bouloud's steak.

I talked up the Frenchie burger ($17) so much that all of the boys ended up ordering it. Brandon went for the Monster Frenchie (add $8 for an extra beef pattie). He had to eat it with a fork and knife since the burger was so unwieldy but he loved it. Our friend Dan, who was quite hungry, regretted not ordering the monster because the regular Frenchie didn't fill him up. But he made up for it by ordering a mint chocolate sundae that he deemed the best sundae he's ever had. Fighting words!

My dearest Nina, who is usually more preoccupied with the wine list than what she's having for dinner, just loved her entree: sauteed skate with cauliflower risotto, romanesco, pinenuts and saffron brown butter ($22). The fish was so flavorful and that risotto was to die for. 

I highly recommend DBGB if you're looking for a place that can accommodate large parties. We were a party of 9 (originally 12) and although we had to settle for a very early reservation (at 5:30pm!), they were very relaxed about time and didn't mind that our party trickled in slowly. We probably sat down for dinner closer to 6:30pm but they were very cool about it. I've gone to DBGB three times now, and every single time I had a wonderful experience. Do try it if you still haven't! 

With my gorgeous Valentine's Day dates at DBGB

DBGB Kitchen & Bar is located at 299 Bowery at 1st Street, New York, NY. Tel. (212) 933-5300


feroshmomma said...

it's me again, fellow pinay from the "i don't heart" post but am giving myself a name so i don't have to identify myself all the time!! just had to say wonderful group pic of your valentine's celebration. glad to know you had a blast with your besties & looked gorgeous while at it!! BRAVA!!

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

Love the name feroshmomma!! We really had a great time. I hope you and your loved one did too!

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