Saturday, February 13, 2010

my snow day

Photographed by Dante Sta Cruz wearing my trusty Gucci rain boots and beloved Theory puffy coat (my best outlet store purchases to date)

I'd envisioned a day fit for a total sloth for myself on my very first New York snow day but life had a few curveballs to throw my way. First of all, I woke up to a laptop that was on a rebooting loop. Epic hardware failure. This led me to trudge to the nearest Best Buy through a snow storm and finally buy a MacBook. And yes, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made!

After making my purchase, I waddled over to Starbucks on 79th and Lex to meet up with Zoe, who had sent me a very enticing message about going sledding in Central Park, and Dante, who wanted to come along and take some pictures. We walked over to Central Park and were breathless at the sight of the trees blanketed in pure white snow. It was truly magical. Look at us grinning like little children:

Photographed by Dante Sta Cruz

And then we heard the shrieks of pure happiness/terror of children and adults zooming down the snowy hill in sleds and anything else that could serve the same purpose as a sled (i.e. cafeteria trays, IKEA tabletops and underbed storage containers—I sh!t you not). It was hysterical and oh so very New York. My initial fear quickly turned into sheer joy at being able to frolic in the snow like a child.

I was very pleased with how my winter clothes held up on this day. The Gucci rain boots that I bought from Woodbury Commons two years ago are amazing for a snow storm in the city. They're lined and padded so my feet stayed warm, and I actually felt really comfortable hiking up and sledding down the hill in them. Best of all, I felt invincible sloshing through slush and muck on the streets. And that Theory puffer coat! Oh, it has been my most worthwhile purchase this winter. I wear it absolutely everywhere, from the office to dinners out to sledding, and it always looks good. 

I have a whole new love for Central Park after this amazing snow day. I've always loved it for the wonderful summer picnics and concerts I've had there, but never realized it could be such a magical place in the winter, too. Can hardly believe it but I can actually say it and mean it ... I can't wait for the next snow day!

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