Tuesday, February 09, 2010

snowed in

Tomorrow is going to be the very first Snow Day I've had since moving to New York in 2006, and I'm kinda excited. We're talking work cancelled, groceries bought in a panic, a foot of the white stuff Snow Day here! (Watch me get all riled up and get nothing but 10 little snowflakes tomorrow) The prospect of one whole day of being legitimately stuck at home boggles my mind ... what to do, what to do? In a panic over being left with nothing but a can of tuna to eat in the snowstorm, I finally did groceries today so one thing I'm definitely doing tomorrow is cooking. I made mushroom risotto tonight, and tomorrow I'm planning on making my crackhead bolognese sauce. I might even get around to writing the recipe down so that Linda and Caroline can stop bugging me about it ... maybe.

Most likely, I'll browse through a lot of shopping sites ... ok who am I kidding, I'm already doing it. Some stuff I'd like to be snowed in with:

Sandwashed silk pants at Victoria's Secret ($49.50); Dolce shawl collar popover at J.Crew ($39.99); Hydrangea Bouquet duvet cover at Urban Outfitters ($68); shearling moccassins by J.Crew ($29.99);

What I'll most likely end up whipping the credit card out for though is probably a single-serve coffee machine. I've been thinking about getting one for awhile now. I've been buying so much Starbucks coffee lately that I might as well just direct deposit a chunk of my paycheck to them. I was so concerned about getting snowed in without any coffee to tide me over that I almost rushed to Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy a coffee maker. I've been lusting after this one since Christmas and actually had the time to read reviews on it tonight so I gotta feeling I'm gonna break down and get it very soon.

The Bosch Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Brewer can make a variety of drinks including cappuccinos, lattes, chai lattes and hot chocolate. Single-serve machines that use little premixed packets of coffee or tea have been around for awhile. But this model takes it a step further with its barcode technology that scans the little T-Disks you put in and custom-makes the drink with the proper brewing time and temperature. Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Tazo and Gevalia are just some of the brands that make T-Disks.

I know that when I wake up tomorrow and see the pile of snow that's been dumped on Manhattan, I'm going to wish I could have a capuccino without having to step out of the house. Must have this coffee machine. I'll be damned if I'm caught unprepared for the next snowstorm!

Ok, it's time for bed. Keep warm and cozy! Good night!

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