Wednesday, February 03, 2010

midnight snack

I had to do something to make up for the salad that I had for dinner (and that 13-hour workday), so I thought I'd treat myself to some of Asher's almond butter crunch and a tall glass of cold milk. Boy was I glad that I have this tendency to squirrel away sweets for a rainy day. It was over a week ago that I made this delicious treat's acquintance: 

I was stumbling around Milton, PA with Zoe and company, hunting down a coffee shop but we found a candy shop instead. The girl behind the counter gave us a taste of this and we were done for. That's how drug dealers get you too. I wouldn't be surprised if this had crack in it.

The almond butter crunch has a base of homemade English style toffee enveloped in rich milk chocolate then coated with crushed almonds. OH. MY. GOD. So good. For some odd reason, I assumed this was a small-town treat that I couldn't get anywhere else but Milton, PA but of course I was wrong. Though Asher's has its roots in Philadelphia, of course there are many ways to get your grubby hands on them. I'm restraining myself from ordering a pound of almond butter crunch from the website, which of course just happens to be having an online special selling 1 pound for a mere $10.95! Also tempting me wildly at the moment: chocolate covered potato chips, a pound of which is also being sold at the same price. I'm not really a sweet tooth, but when steered into salty-sweet territory, I'm more easily swayed. I've had chocolate covered potato chips before and they are seriously yummy! God help me ...

Ok gulping down the rest of my milk and going to bed. Hopefully I can sleep the cravings off! Night loves!

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