Tuesday, February 02, 2010

the long-lost tokyo shopping chronicle

Found some shopping pics that almost got lost in the oblivion that is Celine's "My Pictures" folder. I snapped these while shopping in La Foret Mall in Harajuku last November. I wish I had taken Farah's advice and gone there sooner because I love, love, loved everything. Very cool clothes at not too steep prices. I bought a sweater dress/vest combo from there that I've worn a bazillion times already. I wish I had also gotten a fur stole and an anorak with a fuzzy hood. We need to come up with a term that means the opposite of shopper's remorse. I seem to suffer from that a lot.

I never thought I'd love the fur + something short + knee high boots combo since it sounds like something a "working woman" would wear, but I love how these looks were put together:
I just want to reach out and stroke that gray fox fur stole. And I want to learn how to wear a floppy sweater + ripped hem jean skirt + fur with insouciance. I also quite like that Japanese girl's boots. They look so comfy and would totally work here in Manhattan. 

I am kicking myself a little bit for not getting a military green anorak since they were everywhere in every imaginable iteration. I didn't think to get one because I didn't think it was my style and couldn't figure out what I'd wear with it. But now looking at this picture below, I'm thinking, here's an idea, wear it with everything in that picture. *face palm*
Well at least I have my pretty black tweed coat with fox fur trim on the collar and cuffs. I am in love with that coat. It was a splurge at approximately $250 but it's timeless and I'll keep it for a long time, I'm sure. It's also the failsafe coat for occasions when I need to look glam but also stay warm (read: winter weddings and New Year's Eve parties). The best pic I have while wearing it is below. I know, you don't really see much of the coat, but I look like a pimp in most every other picture I have wearing it (must have to do with the fur + New Year's Eve top hat combo). But you get an idea of how nice and plush the collar is. And I like this picture because I feel very Jackie O in it ... though don't be fooled, the look on my face is really just utter boredom masquerading as poise.
Oh my dear, Tokyo ... you made me love you in so many different ways. You definitely deserve another visit. Big hug.


Farah said...

Glad you loved Harajuku and La Foret.You must visit us again, we can go to Tokyo and all those fashion places.. just tell me in advance - ok?

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

Hahaha yes more advance notice this time, I promise! Hope, hope, hope to visit you again asap!

terranova said...

i silently follow your blog and really want to express my admiration for you, a modern Filipina that is assertive & bold, but still keeps her strong Filipino values which i see sprinkled here & there throughout your entries. nice to know that you can be in a foreign country, still trying to improve & better yourself (and give in to our kikay desires) but have your national pride still intact. we still have a lot to be proud of despite the state our country is in, and you are (and must be!) a shining example of pinoy pride. mabuhay ang Pinay!!! :)

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

terranova - thank you so much for the lovely comment! I think there are two ways that people react to being away from home. They either completely shun being Filipino, or get even more in touch with it. Most people I know have gone the second route thankfully! I owe a large part of my being able to maintain a healthy attitude to being surrounded by great people. You are absolutely right, there's so much to be proud of as Filipinos. I will always be proud of the ever-resilient and unfailingly happy Filipino spirit!

Thank you again, and I hope you'll keep reading!

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