Friday, July 10, 2009

art i love

Even though I've done nothing but spruce up the new apartment for the last month, I somehow feel like it doesn't look like it's mine. It might have something to do with a certain someone piling pool trophies and giant checks everywhere, I don't know. But anyway, I feel like I have to reclaim this space! So I've been looking for art that's ... me. In my hunt, I came across the gorgeous work of Stina Persson. I'm dying to buy one of her prints, which are available at British online gallery Cosh. The print above is my favorite and would look so gorgeous in a boudoir, the one I'd have in my dreams. I also love the peaceful hippie chick vibe of the piece below:

Intricately detailed collar and runny mascara. This picture is SO me.

Out of all my faves though, this is the only one available on the Cosh website, and it's selling for £215. Maybe after I pay off my cc bills.

Alright, off to bed now to have some watercolor dreams.

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