Thursday, July 02, 2009

lela rose for payless

For some reason I thought about Payless today. I remember loving Payless when I was younger. If there were trends you wanted to try at little cost, this was the place to go. Even when I wasn't such a slave to trends anymore (yeah, I like to think I'm over it though the existence of this blog proves otherwise), I still liked Payless. I got the most awesome pair of tan, flat, slouchy boots from Payless in 2006 and wore them to death. I keep hoping they'll make them again so I can score a new pair ...

Moving on. I looked at the website today and saw some very cute flats by Lela Rose for Payless. They have a total 4th of July weekend feel to them:

At just $36 and $28 respectively, these cuties make for some nice and guiltless shopping this weekend.

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