Saturday, July 11, 2009

saturday in brooklyn

I had a great Saturday. I got a full 10 hours of sleep, woke up and watched several episodes of Nurse Jackie (officially my new favorite show—thank you Chelsea Handler for turning me on to that), then trekked over to my favorite borough for the Brooklyn Flea Market with my girlfriends and Che's patient boy, Mike.

It was our first time ever going to the Brooklyn Flea and had so much fun browsing around the vintage accessories and houseware. I really wanted to find some random tchotchkes for the apartment but I guess I'm not really a vintage type of person cos I didn't find anything. Not that there wasn't anything interesting. I just couldn't imagine any of it in my apartment. Che totally wanted that little blue vintage fan below, which was selling for $25 but was worried it wouldn't work.

These vintage ads were really cheap, but the only interesting ones were the alcohol ads and I don't have anywhere to put that.

The only thing I ended up buying was this fedora for $20. I love it because it's so neutral. The band matched the straw part perfectly. I love it. I can move to Williamsburg now cos I can pose as a hipster.

What's the opposite of buyer's remorse? Non-buyer's remorse? Miser's remorse? I take pride in having a lot of self control when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories, but sometimes in bites me in the butt. I liked a necklace with a small pendant engraved with a C, and a leather bracelet studded with rivets but didn't buy them. Thing is, everything seemed to be priced $30 and that seemed a lot to me. But now I feel like I might trek back next weekend to buy them anyway. Well, I'll have to come back there anyway to try the kimchi hot dog and bulgogi burger at Asia Dog. Drooling just thinking of it now.

After we had our fill of shopping, we had an early dinner at Cafe Lafayette. Place was cute, I lusted after Bads's escargot, and I had some nice mussels. But the real revelation was Habana Outpost next door. It has the same owners as Cafe Habana in Nolita, so you get the same awesome corn and slushy mojitos, but in a fun outdoor setting. No elbowing other people in a cramped diner here.

We went because Bads was dying for some grilled corn, and we all ended up getting a round of margaritas and mojitos. I loved this place and I am SO going back. I'd love to hang out in the festive outside tables just downing those amazing mojitos and chowing on corn and Cuban sandwiches. They had a shoutout to the King of Pop:

I got a wee bit tipsy from downing my mojito plus half of Bads' margarita. She was gonna leave half of a drink un-drunk! I wasn't gonna let that happen, even if it meant getting brain freeze. Those drinks sure made our little trip to Ikea afterward very interesting indeed.

Now I'm home for an early night and looking forward to sleeping to the sound of the pitter patter of rain. Lovely Saturday indeed. Hope you had a great one too!


Anonymous said...

aw what a fun girl's day out! that wishing you bought something after you had lots of self control & stressing that it might not still be there is what I call (and probably a million other people call) being haunted. like right now the canvas vans slip ons that I literally just threw in the trash a couple seasons ago are suuper "haunting" me right now. hope your necklace and bracelet are still there!

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Haunted IS the word! You totally got it!

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