Wednesday, July 15, 2009

staying alive

So my sweetie's pleas for me to stop subjecting innocent plants to, um certain death, has fallen on deaf ears once again. I went to Home Depot, fell in love with a couple of jade plants, and brought them home. I even had the audacity to repot them into my cute little white Ikea pots, which I hope wasn't too hard on them since I'm not exactly a master gardener. I just hope that the hardiness of these plants will keep them alive through the stress of my terrible repotting. But I'm trying to turn a new leaf (pun unintended) and hopefully keep these pretty things alive. I've been Google-ing "how to care for a jade plant" for the last hour so hopefully the information helps. This plant, after all, is known as the "money plant" and god knows I don't want to jinx the cash flow by any means ... if anyone has sound plant care advice out there, please do enlighten me—and no, Mika, taking the plants out of my hands and finding them another home does not count as sound advice.

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