Thursday, July 09, 2009

sbucks wants you back

I've been bad. Last year I quit coffee in an effort to curb cellulite (not sure if that has worked but I'll do anything to stop it!) and stop being a crazy woman in the morning. But these last few months, I have been slowly letting it creep back into my life. Today, after a 1.5 hour Spanish class that had me nodding off, I went back to my old ways and snuck in Starbucks for a latte. I've noticed a huge difference between the pre-recession Starbucks and the way it is today. It's still pretty crowded in the morning, but I guess most people have realized that they can get by with deli coffee or maybe instant coffee in the afternoon after all, and in so doing save $20 a week. I guess Starbucks realized it too because now, they will give you a grande in the afternoon for just $2 if you bring them your receipt from your morning cup. Hmm. Clever, clever!

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