Monday, July 27, 2009

i'm afraid

We moved to a new office today, and as I turned into Madison and 44th, I was struck with fear. There is a beautiful and massive J. Crew just a few blocks from my office. It's on my way home. God help me. The thing that has saved me so far from falling into debt via indiscriminate shopping at J. Crew is that there's never been one near my apartment or place of work. Now it's RIGHT. THERE. Shivers.

I'm also afraid of my new work area. No windows nearby and facing a blank pasty wall. Thank god I'm moving (yet again) next week when I start at a new position. Hopefully my new space will be less desolate. I miss the outdoors. Wish I was off lounging in a flower-filled meadow like this chick.

I'd be fine with a gray day too if I had her wardrobe. I totally want this coat for fall. Actually I want this whole outfit. I've never worn Converse sneakers but maybe with an outfit like this I could. Or does it only work if you are tall and model-esque?

Dear guardian angel,

Please give me the strength to stay away from J. Crew during my lunch break. Thanks.

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