Wednesday, January 06, 2010

how to ... dress up for a hike

Images via Teen Vogue

Ok I'm not being serious here. I'm fully aware that these outfits above are completely unsuitable for a hike. I just think that these silhouettes and layering techniques are good ideas for how to make dressing up for a winter hike a wee bit more interesting. My friend Zoe called me today with plans to go on a weekend trip to Pennsylvania and mentioned the possibility of hiking in the snow. I am resigned to the idea that I may have to purchase sturdy Timberlands, but wanted some ideas on how to make the outfit just a tiny bit cuter. Definitely into the plaid and big fur hat. Liking the anorak. Will probably wear some version of the chunky gray leggings above that are scrunched up just above the boot. Definitely considering the fluffy socks over the leggings as well.

I apologize to any hardcore hikers who are reading this for my silliness, but I'm not the most outdoorsy person and I need the fashion to get me psyched up for all the exertion! I hope that with a little foresight, I too can pull off a cute hiking outfit ...

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