Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i don't heart

Valentine's Day has never been one of my favorite holidays, even though I was in a relationship for the last 7 years. It annoys me how prices for flowers, candy and dinners just get absurdly inflated on this one day. So vigilant was I about not getting sucked into this Hallmark holiday that in my last relationship, I asked the ex to refrain from ever buying me anything for V-Day and use that money instead for a nice dinner on a non-Valentine's Day date. I emphatically refused to go out for V-Day dinners and insisted on eating takeout on our couch (though I did get persuaded to at least eat the cheap Thai food in the restaurant instead of getting takeout).

So as you can imagine, now that I'm actually single, I doubly loathe Valentine's Day. I'm not gonna lie, I've been rolling my eyes at every single heart-shaped box of chocolates I pass on the streets. As I did it again while passing Lindt last night though, I thought, maybe I should just do a heart overload one day to desensitize myself from all the heart hatred. So, I looked up every heart-adorned fashion item in existence and with my favorites came up with the collage below. Some aren't so bad actually. I'd really like a pair of those heart-seamed tights from Topshop.

Clockwise from left: ; Leifsdottir skirt at Bloomingdale's; Vivienne Westwood pumps at My-Wardrobe.com; Heart seam tights by Topshop; Hard heart purse by Urban Outfitters; Kate Spade pumps at Endless; Heart purse at Harmony Lane

If you're happy and not bitter, then good for you and I wish you a happy hearts day. To other ladies rolling their eyes like me and muttering under their breath with every Valentine's Day display, high five!


Anonymous said...

i am a fellow pinay that has had a painful lovelife...was engaged to be married (was with him since i was 22) then after a year or so asked the dude "well?" then he gave me a speech about "not really ready to get married" then said he "would understand if i called it quits??" the hell?? so that was that and i was single at almost 29. dahling, that was shitty and scary. but i learned to just accept it without the bitterness & rolling of the eyes whenever anything heart related came my way. that was 15 years ago, i met my hubby when i was 30, got married when i was 33 and the rest is history. so don't roll your eyes dahling, other people have gone through worse, just spend the valentine's with your single bffs (like i used to) & you'll be fine!

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

Awww thanks for the comforting words! A friend was just telling me to stop taking the heart shaped boxes of chocolate as a personal affront. Hahaha ... I will definitely make sure to get some single friends together for a great party on Valentine's Day. I'm almost positive it'll be the best Valentine's Day yet ... beyond that, I hope to be as lucky as you! Cheers sweetie!

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