Monday, January 11, 2010

on the hunt for: a crossbody bag

Desperately seeking the perfect crossbody bag, preferably with a chainstrap. The dream would of course be a small Chanel bag but the price is exorbitant so I have to look for other options. Last New Year's Eve, I crammed my essentials into a small purse with a long chain strap that I managed to find at the last minute in Banana Republic. It worked pretty well; I was able to dance and mingle without ever worrying about where my purse was. It's not quite perfect though because I could hardly fit my camera and iPhone in there. I'd really like a sturdy leather one that fits my necessities and looks good whether I'm running around in the city or at that jaunt in Ibiza that I'm hoping to do with some girlfriends this year.

Options I ran across in my search (some more realistic than others):

Clockwise from left: Rebecca Minkoff bag on LC at ($330); Tory Burch bag at Bloomingdales ($265); Dior bag at Saks Fifth Avenue ($610); Ted Baker bag at Asos ($118.98); Alexander Wang bag at Barneys ($725); Botkier bag at Bloomingdales ($275); Jack Rabbit bag at Bloomingdales ($335)

I am leaning towards the Tory Burch bag, I think. It's not SUCH a bad price and I just really like the black leather-gold chain combination. Tory Burch also makes a gold leather version, which I'm also mulling over. The Rebecca Minkoff bag is also really calling out to me. It's just got such a party-ready look, don't you think?

Ahhh so good to indulge in petty concerns for now. Tomorrow when I wake up, it's back to the saltmines! *sigh*


The Coastal Chicster said...

i like those! i was looking for a little bag awhile ago, and i almost ended up with this one in the goldenrod color. i know it doesn't have a chain, but i love the stitching and the drawstring and especially the tassels. not to mention, it's less than $100. :)

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

OMG that bag is gorgeous!!! I love the hippie crafty look of it! Definitely a world traveler's bag huh? Awesome find girl!

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