Tuesday, January 05, 2010

today i'm loving: vogue's shop the issue

If you've ever been frustrated about cracking open your favorite magazine, falling in love with something, and for the life of you never finding the damn thing in any store, then you'll like this. Vogue has partnered up with online sample sale site Gilt Groupe for Vogue's Shop the Issue. They're selling items found in Vogue's "Steal of the Month" section, such as the See by Chloé safari shirt (see below, top left) featured in their January issue. This being Vogue though, their definition of a steal is something below $500. There are a few cheaper items, like the J. Crew fedora hat for $40 and a Three Dots tie-dye shirt for $72. I just like looking at the very Vogue-esque images with models in mid-air.

If you're not a Gilt Group member yet, sign up here.


The Coastal Chicster said...

oh, i LOVE that dress in the lower left corner. i checked out the sale though - $448! i also am a huge fan of the stella mccartney hibiscus stripe print t-shirt. T-SHIRT. in no way shape or form should people ever write the word "t-shirt" next to the price "475" haha. oh well. it's still a cool idea. and a cool shirt. :)

Christen said...

I love the idea of this collaboration but like you said none of it was really affordable. Maybe one day... :) But the pictures are really fun!

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