Saturday, January 09, 2010

the worst hotel in the world

I was killing time at the MoMa store the other day when I chanced upon this book:
I think every advertising, marketing and PR person should at the very least leaf through this highly entertaining book, which talks about how the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam has built a solid business upon marketing itself as The Worst Hotel in the World. When the owner hired ad agency KesselsKramer to design its ad campaigns, his only wish was to stop receiving complaints from hotel guests. So they figured, if you advertise it for what it is, people can't really complain right? And so The Worst Hotel in the World was born. The ads are tongue-in-cheek, really funny, and just pure genius.

With everyone getting on the green bandwagon, Hans Brinker Budget Hotel wasn't gonna get left behind. Their very own eco ads:

This marketing shtick has been so successful that Hans Brinker regularly has 80% occupancy, even on slow seasons. I mean, what backpacker wouldn't want to boast of having braved The Worst Hotel in the World, right? I'm strangely intrigued actually. What people would put themselves through for a good story to tell!

Wishing you all a great Saturday! It's a crisp but beautiful day in New York, with the sunshine streaming through my curtains. I've just finished my H&H bagel with lox cream cheese and Sbucks cafe mocha, and I'm all set to head to Newport to watch I Love You, Goodbye. I'm off!

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