Wednesday, July 01, 2009

hostess with the mostest

I remember thinking about aprons sometime last week, when my saucepan was enthusiastically spraying up tomato sauce everywhere. I thought, hmm, I guess that's why people need aprons. I should probably get one. I think I am even more convinced of the necessity of an apron today after stumbling upon these darling ones from Layla Grace. The one that tugs at my heartstrings is definitely the polkadotted, ruffled kind by Jessie Steele ($30, top left). Also gotta love the flowered version (top right) that has a very 50s housewife throwback feel. I am also jonesin' for the half aprons ($30) below:

And how chic are these aprons below? The Betty Picadilly apron ($22) on the left is SO Stepford Wives, while the Betty French toile apron ($22) on the right is just begging to be brought to a shabby chic country house.

I'm definitely stocking some of these as hostess gifts or gifts for moms, aunts, and girlfriends who love making magic in the kitchen!


purplegirl said...

Those are SO adorable! I've been thinking of getting an apron lately too, if I had any money that is. I might wait until I can get that polka-dotted one. :)

The Chiconomist Celine said...

purplegirl - I am SO dying for the polka-dotted one too! MUST SAVE.

M said...

If you fly back to Manila, check out my friend's business: Kitchen Couture :)

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