Monday, December 14, 2009

gift ideas: adorable christmas sweets

Aren't these the most adorable s'mores you've ever seen?

Williams-Sonoma has enlisted Two Hearts Bakery in San Francisco to create these cuties for them. A fresh marshmallow flavored with Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon vanilla is tucked in between graham crackers dipped in Guittard milk and dark chocolate. I'm definitely getting these for some aunts as a cute little Christmas present. They're only available online, which works for me because I refuse to join the hordes shopping in New York at this year. The crowd on Fifth Avenue gives me hives.

Coming in a close second are these tree-shaped whoopie pies. I think cute food gifts like these are perfect if you're spending Christmas with a friend's family or meeting your guy's family for the first time. They're not generic and you don't have to climb through mountains of shoppers to get them. And everybody likes food right? I would totally love it if next year they came up with something adorable and red velvet-related. MMM.

I just love shopping for Christmas presents when it doesn't involve stepping out the door!


Mimi said...

So cute! They look so good, but too pretty to eat!

The Chiconomist Celine said...

I totally agree Mimi!

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