Wednesday, December 30, 2009

once in a blue moon

I woke up today with a text message from my dearest friend Katrina saying,

"It's full moon blue moon tomorrow night Dec 31, full on double whammy power by Jan 1. Write your wishes, be super specific for 2010 and then burn by full moon light and send smoke up to heaven ... worth a try!"

We all know the expression "once in a blue moon." We usually say it in reference to things that occur very rarely. A blue moon is actually defined as a full moon that doesn't occur in the regular monthly pattern. A full moon comes approximately every 29 days so in a calendar year, we usually get 12 full moons. But at some point (every 2 to 3 years), we end up with an extra moon in the calendar year, and this is what's referred to as a blue moon. (If my explanation's too confusing, read this Wiki entry and this CNN article.)

This year, not only are we getting a blue moon, but we're getting one on New Year's Eve! According to this website, the full moon in New York is at 17:13. I am definitely writing up a wish list of things that I want to happen in 2010. Why not? You never know!

What are you wishing for this 2010?


limousine hire said...

Good one.

Discount coupons said...

So excited...and waiting for mine next blue moon evening.

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