Thursday, December 24, 2009

holiday rants and raves

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Oh USPS, how you've foiled my ingenious (or so it seemed at the time) plan to avoid stores at all costs and just order all my gifts online. Amazon proved to be a wonderful ally in this quest. At least the gifts that I ordered for my little sister and my little niece arrived well ahead of Christmas (in my niece's case, the video games that I ordered on the 18th actually made it to her by the 23rd despite a shipping estimate of December 29. Hoorah!). My Brookstone order, however, failed miserably! Despite those reassuring "Guaranteed Holiday Delivery" banners, I found out today, on the eve of Christmas, that my order had been rescheduled to arrive on December 29, 2009. Brookstone washed its hands off any responsibility, of course, saying that they had sent out my order on the same day I placed it but it was USPS that had rescheduled the ship date. Whoever's fault it is, I will never believe in the words "Guaranteed Holiday Delivery" ever again!

So tonight I'm waltzing into Christmas Eve dinner with just half of my presents. Haven't really got the energy to duke it out today at the mall because I'm still recovering from the flu. Fortunately I have a pretty laid back family. My mom insisted I just tell everyone what happened and distribute the gifts when they arrive. "What's more important to them is that you're here," she said, and I actually believe that's true.

Sorry for starting the holidays off in a rant but I've had a rough one so far. I got bogged down with the flu as soon as I got to Seattle, and now this! But despite feeling like I got hit by an 18-wheeler, it's been wonderful to be taken care of by my mom while I'm sick (it's the best thing in the world!) and to be surrounded by so many loved ones who will brave my germs just for a long overdue hug. It makes my heart feel full.

It's not the most perfect Christmas ever, but definitely one of my happiest. The wonderful gift that I've received this year is knowing and appreciating exactly who and what I have in my life, and being appreciative of and content with it. I am surrounded by so much love and light, and no flu or USPS fiascos will get my spirits down.

I hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas as well!

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