Tuesday, December 08, 2009

sample sale alert: butter by nadia

How can a sample sale be worth trekking all the way to Brooklyn for? Easy. See all those looks below? That's just one dress that can be worn in a multitude of ways:

I've been dying for a Butter by Nadia wrap dress for ages for its incredible versatility. I mean, a dress that can take you from Saturday cocktails to Sunday brunch (hopefully not successively ... or hey, maybe that would be a sign of a steaming hot love life heehee!) is a definite keeper, right? I'm thinking that these convertible dresses would also make amazing bridesmaid outfits. It comes in one size and can be worn multiple ways, so it makes everything way simpler for the bride-to-be to coordinate.

However badly I want this dress though, I am in no position to shop as there are too many Christmas gifts to spend on. I will hold off until the next sample sale when hopefully, this Hannah dress that I covet will pop up:

To all those willing and able to treat themselves to a workhorse of a dress though, happy shopping!

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