Wednesday, December 09, 2009

i made some great new friends yesterday

Meet Love, Lil' Angel, Baby and Music in their Snow Bunny attire:

My incredibly sweet friend Jenny sent me a message on Facebook the on Monday, asking when I was free to meet because she had to give me something. We agreed that I'd join her and her amazing friend Kate on Tuesday for a Club Monaco shopping session. When I met her last night, she handed me a big bag saying, "I read your blog ... " I took one look inside the bag and started jumping up and down for joy. It turns out that the über talented Jenny is part of the design team that creates what I feel are the most adorable perfume bottles in the world. I am so excited to see what else they're gonna come up with for the Harajuku Lovers line!

In other news, we went all out shopping in Club Monaco. They were already on sale but we got a wee bit more of a discount with Kate's magical powers. I got a sweater that I love but is currently shedding rabbit hair all over my black cords (you're right Jen, only wear them with jeans), a 3/4 sleeved gray shirt with a low scooped back which was on sale (I've been wearing the black and white striped version of it to death), and a pair of black, perforated leather driving gloves:

So happy with the gloves in particular because I've been searching for gloves that fit my teeny tiny hands for AGES. These fit perfectly, and I kinda feel like a glamorous 50s actress while wearing them.

After shopping, we went to Havana Central for some fresh tableside sangria, yummy corn on the cob, tamales, stuffed peppers and seemingly endless great conversation. Such a fun night! You're never gonna get rid of me now Jenny & Kate!


cd said...

OMG! Love the gloves Cel!

The Chiconomist Celine said...

I know, driving gloves FINALLY!

Cecilia @HavanaCentral said...

Glad you enjoyed our fresh tableside sangria. Thank you for mentioning us here and be sure to let us know when you return by emailing both AND

You can hear about our other special offers and events on our Fan page on Facebook or follow us @havanacentral on Twitter.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Havana Central's Community Strategist

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Thanks Cecilia! The tableside sangria ROCKS. More power to you guys!

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