Thursday, December 17, 2009

how to ... get your party hat on!

Seeing this picture on the Bebe website got me thinking that I need to kick off the New Year with some tulle and feathers. I know, I know, we're not even past Christmas yet, but you gotta get a headstart on these things. I've been the girl running around stores for a New Year's Eve outfit on December 31st, 6PM, and it is not fun.

The most glamorous options are definitely over at's Black Label collection. Handmade, festooned with sparkling vintage jewels, and just chic, chic, chic. Gotta love the names for each style too. The top one is called "Last Night in London" while the bottom one is "Her Name Is Lola." But they're quite steeply priced at $200. Not sure I want to spend that on something that, let's face it, I will likely spill champagne over or lose in the craziness of New Year's Eve (or so I hope).

The most realistic options for me are these very pretty little things by Deena & Ozzie at Urban Outfitters. Both offer sufficient oomph at just $34 a piece. With a glittery little dress and some fur to keep cozy, I gotta feeling it's gonna be a good night!

Are you ready for the holidays?

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