Friday, December 04, 2009

harajuku lovers snow bunnies

When I first saw the Harajuku Lovers perfume, I all but keeled over from their cuteness. And I was super shocked when my girlfriend Kathryn gave me Angel for Christmas and I found out it smelled sooooo good. So yeah, I guess you could say I'm a fan. But it just makes me love them more when I hear that they made a special Snow Bunnies edition for Christmas! How. Cute. Is. That. !!!! I'm gonna have to get some of those to stuff some stockings ... Am I in a Christmas-y mood or what? Hope you are too!

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Rakuten online shopping said...

I don't like the bottles. They are too cute for me. I am not into the whole cute culture for grown women. If they are marketing it to teens, it may be okay but personally, I don't like the idea of grown women being portrayed as childlike.

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