Thursday, December 03, 2009

today i'm loving: rm by roland mouret for net-a-porter

I am drooling over the RM by Roland Mouret collection for net-a-porter. Wonderfully detailed cuts with just the right amount of pleating, nipping and tucking to make a solid piece of clothing incredibly chic. I am dying over that beautiful teal colored, one-shouldered dress shown above, which will only set you back $3,070 (yes, I am being sarcastic).

I wonder, how can one wear a $3,070 dress when that amount of money can cover rent in a 3-bedroom in Manhattan? Or take me on perhaps a weeklong trip in Paris? Always baffles me ... I might, in a really insane moment, be able to talk myself into buying a bag for that price because you can at least use the bag everyday. But a dress, even one as gorgeous as this, can only be worn so many times ... What it must feel like to have that much money to burn ...

As for me, back to the salt mines!

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