Saturday, August 29, 2009

bewitched by 'witchcraft

How in the world did I go almost 3 years in New York without having a 'wichcraft sandwich when they're everywhere? I finally popped my 'wichcraft cherry a few weeks ago when Ludette and I visited their 5th Ave/46th Street location, and it was amazing.

One description jumped out at me when I looked at the menu: grilled cheddar with smoked ham, pear & mustard on cranberry-pecan bread. I mean, what more could you want in a grilled cheese sandwich? When the plate landed in front of me, I was so intent on devouring the sandwich that I almost forgot to take a picture. That they actually give you two halves, but the first one disappeared immediately:

This sandwich was SO good. SOOOOO good. The sweetness of the pear and cranberry combined with the salty ham and cheese, and zesty mustard was ridiculously addictive. Oh god, I have to stop talking about it because it's making my mouth water ...

Today I came back to 'wichcraft by myself, needing a break from the pile of work threatening to drown me. It's a rare spot in Manhattan where you can sit, read a magazine and enjoy your lunch without other hungry diners breathing down your neck. It helps that they have a rack full of good magazines, hip background music, and no pushy bussers. I happily ate my grilled gruyere sandwich with caramelized onions while poring through the new Bazaar.

The gruyere sandwich was also really delicious but the grilled cheddar extravaganza is still my favorite. It's good though for my yoga days when I wanna lay off the meat. The other really great thing about 'wichcraft? The pricetag! My favorite sandwich in the world is just $6.95, while grilled gruyere is just $5.95. Excellent prices for midtown Manhattan.

Mr. Colicchio, you rock.

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