Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a good reason to throw a party

I'm not one of those people who looooves throwing parties (I can barely even keep my living room liveable), but pingg is making me feel like organizing one just so I can send out invites. Have you seen the electronic invites that you can send with pingg? Oooooh ...

Their designer series includes gorgeous invites by Martha Stewart. I love these three, especially the one with the corks. So perfect for a wine soaked evening!

Just in time for Fashion Week, pingg secured Patrick McMullan's fab photos for a chic fete:

Ben Watts' images would be perfect for enticing friends to go on a beach getaway:

Feel like throwing a party yet?

1 comment:

MMSfaith said...

very cute invitations. love the shoes and beach ones. :)

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