Tuesday, August 18, 2009

off to london!

I had grand hopes of leaving scheduled posts to keep my beloved readers entertained while I'm gallivanting in London but alas, I failed. I have a grand total of one scheduled post because life got in the way of blogging. *sigh*

But I shall have lots of fun stories to tell in a week's time, I hope! Attending my first Indian wedding and I'm looking forward to loads of amazing food, dancing and ... am I really gonna get smeared with yellow gooey paste at some point? God help me ...

It's been 6 years since my last trip to London. I mean the last time I was there, I had no qualms baring my flatter tummy and wearing J-Lo like aviators:

David Blaine was hanging in a glass box, and people were hitting his box with golfballs and flying choppers to hang cheeseburgers in front of him. I was just trying to eat him. Before you start thinking dirty, see picture below:
I will miss my last London partner-in-crime Sonu, but it will be nice to make London memories with my man.
Off to my much needed vacation! Have a great week everyone!

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