Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Half-Price Yakitori Tuesdays

If there's one thing I can subsist on, it's yakitori. I am often struck with a craving for it, but my favorite yakitori spot, Yakitori Taisho, is all the way in St. Mark's Place. Until I get my downtown dream apartment, I have to content myself with yakitori alternatives in Midtown and the Upper East.

Today I had one of those severe yakitori cravings so I stopped by East Japanese Restaurant. Nothing fancy or extra special here, but it's close to the UN and serves yakitori. It was my lucky day: Tuesday is East's half-price yakitori day! I ordered a grilled rice ball, 2 pork skewers, and 1 short rib skewer and was floored when I received my bill and saw that my meal cost less than $6! Everything was literally half the size of what Yakitori Taisho would serve but at those prices, I won't complain. I loved the tasty short rib skewer—which isn't on the Taisho menu—so that's a plus. I would definitely come here regularly on Tuesdays, now that I've discovered half-price yakitori day, because it's a real steal!

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