Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maxed Out

I'm convinced that I'm really 5'7. In my mind, I'm this semi-tall, skinny chick with uber long legs. This idea of mine is often disproved though when I try to wear particular fashion items, such as maxi dresses. I love the idea of maxi dresses, but well, they don't really love me. A few feet of fabric collects in a puddle around my ankles everytime I try them on, and I look like a 10-year old playing dress up.

So it does me no good that Shopbop is giving shoppers 20% off their maxi dresses until this Thursday, February 26 (Just enter TOTHEMAX at checkout). But to all you real tall people, enjoy.

I love the boho chic look of this dress by Issa:

I'm also a fan of this festive dress by Milly.

How cool is this convertible dress by Elizabeth & James? Always great to get multiple uses out of one dress. I quite like the heathered gray version.

This Jill Stuart dress has a very English rose feel. Made for attending a casual garden wedding.

Why, dear god, why was I not born just a wee bit taller? You could've taken an inch off each Victoria's Secret angel and just given them to me. They wouldn't miss it, seriously.


♥ Chloe said...

I totally feel your pain. My twin sister always says to me, "Dude. You look like an Olsen Twin. Not good."


The Chiconomist Celine said...

Now that you pointed that out though, how come those Olsens can wear maxi dresses? They're as vertically challenged as we are!

Sonu said...

God that Issa dress is gorgeous! I can kiss the bottom foot of it goodbye though...being our height you know an automatic hem adjustment is in our future.....

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