Saturday, April 04, 2009

cambodian sandwich alert

After reading this writeup on Serious Eats about Num Pang, I was obsessed with the thought of having a Cambodian sandwich. Since it's just a few blocks walk from the Bikram yoga studio I frequent, I was able to convince Mika, Buddha, Monkey and Bonnie to come try it with me last night. We were all starving and all our senses seemed heightened, having just come from Bikram, so thank god the sandwiches were amazing.

A Num Pang is apparently similar to the Vietnamese Banh Mi, but since I've yet to pop my Banh Mi cherry, I can't say that one's better than the other. What I can say is that all of the sandwiches we tried were yummmmmmy. Mika had the grilled skirt steak sandwich ($8.75). Strips of nicely grilled steak, pickled carrots, cucumber and coriander were tucked into a perfectly toasted baguette smeared with chili mayo. He drizzled it with sriracha for a good spicy kick.

The skirt steak sandwich was delicious. The steak was well flavored with coriander and peppercorn. I wouldn't order it again though because I take small bites, and it's hard to bite through the skirt steak strips since they're not as tender as other cuts. But I'm sure Mika would have it again since he takes bigger bites than I do.

I would definitely get the hoisin veal meatball sandwich (only $6.75!) again, though. The meatballs incorporate jasmine rice, basil and stewed tomatoes, and they're little bundles of yumminess. My picture below doesn't do the sandwich justice. The meatballs are quite hefty, and they're so flavorful and juicy. I wiped out my sandwich without a problem and was nicely satisfied.

Bonnie obliterated her pulled pork sandwich, which is amazing because she usually picks at food and doesn't finish it. I only tried a few morsels but it seems really good too. Buddha tried the catfish sandwich and it disappeared in seconds. He also tried the corn with chili mayo, coconut flakes and chili powder, which I imagine tastes similar to the one served at Cafe Habana. I'm definitely trying that next time.

We went at around 9:30pm on a Friday night and the place was empty, which was great because we were starving. Apparently the lines are obscene there during lunch. I'm sure I'll be stopping here regularly for sandwiches after Bikram.

All in all, another successful food expedition!

P.S. Num Pang is cash only, so stop by the ATM before going.

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