Monday, April 20, 2009

diy: beer cocktails

An article after my own heart. I'm not really into flavored beer but I do like beer cocktails. I was first introduced to Snakebites at an Irish bar in Manila (further proof that there are Irish bars everywhere) and fell in love with the sweet and sneaky drink. I asked for it in London once and was told they're now illegal because "they make you do stupid things, love." In New York at St. Dymphna's, I befriended a bartender immediately by asking for one. I even got to take home the special spoon used to make Black Velvets. These days, Mika and I like to drag out our Irish buddy Conor and unsuspecting drinking pals out for Snakebites in the St. Mark's area just for kicks. But I'm glad came out with this guide in case we want to keep the damage within the constraints of the apartment.

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