Monday, April 27, 2009

it's that simple, really

This season, I'd gotten so used to seeing accessories that had been studded and bedazzled to the ends of the earth that when I saw this bag by Foley & Corinna, I literally said, "Whoa." It's so simple, but so beautifully crafted. The skin looks butter-soft and the structure perfectly slouchy. I heart it so much; it seems to be the perfect summer bag—and not just for this season, but for many seasons to come. I really love it. The regular retail price is $445 but Shopbop is having a bag sale until April 29, which slashes prices by 25% (just put in the code ARMCANDY at check out). Grrrr I want it so bad, but my money's been earmarked for our Vegas/Napa trip and impending move so all I can do is hope that this bag will still be available for purchase months from now. Why does life have to keep getting in the way of shopping? It's really not fair.

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