Saturday, April 18, 2009

happy saturday!

It's such a gorgeous day today, the type of day Saturday brunches were made for. I stepped out for brunch with some old high school friends then walked around to window shop. My last stop was Club Monaco where these gorgeous bikes were on display. It's the Gazelle for Club Monaco, which are selling for $995. I don't know much about bikes; I haven't ridden one since I was 8. But they're beautiful, and I'd imagine wonderful to ride around the city on days such as this.

While I was at Club Monaco, I also fell in love with two gorgeous blouses. They didn't love me back though as they were prohibitively priced at $119. Why must Club Monaco be so pricey? If I had a generous shopping budget, I'd totally get my entire wardrobe from Club Monaco. I just love their stuff ... hopefully the blouses I'm loving will stick around for the sale!


jacquihco said...

love club monaco!

back in the day when i was an awkward teen who made my way to Vancouver every summer, club monaco only sold tshirts and sweaters with their badge in EVERY SINGLE COLOR. Think of it as a store that seems to have its own university.

When ralph lauren came into the picture, the clothes became SO MUCH BETTER!!! But the prices soared as much as the designs did!

i super love them too! They have it in HK but crap is it expensive.

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Hahaha omigod I so remember THAT Club Monaco! I had a white tee with that badge. I remember my aunt took me to the store when I visited her in Canada. It is so much better now though. But dude I hear you can get factory overruns for cheap in Manila! Have you noticed that SO MUCH of their stuff is Made in the Philippines??

SonuJ said...

lol if you have a CM fix, I just realised that the canadian stores have the same price as the US ones, but they are in Canadian, and with the exchange rate, you're paying less....consider, a $100 item from the states in canada, after exchange would only cost you $82 ;-)

So if you ever need . . . ;-))

The Chiconomist Celine said...

wohoooooooaaaaaa :-) argh would've been the perfect opportunity since you and I are meeting in Vegas but alas, I cannot shop right now due to the move. But I will keep that in mind Sonu!!!

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