Wednesday, April 15, 2009

you dirty, dirty boy

Thinking of the character Edward Cullen in Twilight still makes me all weak-kneed, but reality seems determined to crush my daydreams into teeny tiny pieces. Robert Pattinson is apparently part of that legion of actors who feel it's unnecessary to bathe and wash their hair, according to Come to think of it, my other Hollywood crush Brad Pitt also once said on an interview that he gets fussed over so much on sets that during his time off, he doesn't pay much attention to showering or washing his hair (this was when he had loooooong hair, mind you). Hmm. Well if lack of hygene directly correlates to success, then Pattinson is destined for greatness! But dammit, why oh why must my biggest crush since Jordan Knight (I was 10, give me a break) have to be averse to showers? Sad face.

Also, another gem: Pattinson once took out a fan that was stalking him to dinner. Guess what happened? She got so bored that she stopped stalking him. Hmm. This guy sounds like a keeper.

On the other hand, does that mean if I stalk him long enough he'll take me out to dinner too?

I'm kidding, my sweetie (the real one), I'm totally kidding.

1 comment:

thediplowife said...

I totally agree. His Edward Cullen persona is definitely sexier than the real-life Rob. My personal opinion: give me chiseled perfection over sloppy anytime!

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