Wednesday, April 08, 2009

egg on

Now I'm no Martha Stewart. The most Easter-related things hanging out in my apartment right now are dust bunnies, and that's reeeeally stretching it, doncha think? But I have dreams. I hope that one day I'll be together enough to have one of those hyperorganized and coordinated apartments we used to see on the now defunct Domino (*tear*). And I also hope to one day have the culinary skills and Bree Hodge-type compulsiveness to whip up extraordinary fetes. So, for those with inner Bree's dying to get out, some great Easter ideas.

I love these eggshell flower arrangements at Cuts down costs because you need fewer, smaller flowers but so elegant!

These robin's egg placecards at are too cute also. I'm not sure I would ever have the patience to do this for a party (I mean, I don't think I could even have one with assigned seating, much less placecards), but it's a really cute idea.

At Epicurious, there's also an Easter feast arranged by Colin Cowie from the decor to the menu. I can't even begin to dream about executing the menu but I looooove how he spruced up the table with the clever use of wheatgrass.

And now some lovely ideas for how to decorate Easter eggs. My favorites are these lace eggs at
And finally, some fun eggs for the kids that Easter egg hunts were made for: bird eggs, ladybug eggs, bunny eggs and pig eggs, all at, of course.

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humble happenings said...

those flower arrangements would be so pretty! (pic #1) I'm going to my boyfriend's mom's house for easter so maybe I'll dye a few eggs in pastel colors on saturday night and pick a few flowers from the garden. only I don't have pretty little stands for them so I'll probably end up using shot glasses [haha]

thanks for the idea!

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